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acrylic painting of grizzly bear and raven
Chance Encounter 56″ wide x 30″ high
grizzly bear painting showing the bear wading in water
Walks in Mirrors 56″ wide x 40″ high acrylic on canvas SOLD
Buffalo and moon
Stained Glass Dreams 68″ wide x 32″SOLD
Blue grizzly bear under a shimmering moon painted by Lexi Sundell
Blue Moon Bear, 50″ wide 48″ high, acrylic on canvas
Buffalo Head
Lone Bull 40″ wide x 58″ high
Moose in swirling colors
Stalking Power 36″w x 24″h acrylic on canvas
Translucent Buffalo galloping under the moon
Dream Thunder 24″ x 36″
Grizzly bear and raven startling each other
Startled, 54″w x 40″h, acrylic on canvas Sold
Buffalo walking with moon and colorful sky
Buffalo Haze, 58″w x 38″h, acrylic on canvas
Mountain goat on a high cliff
Cloud Warrior 34″w x 58″h
Earth and Sky 78"w x 56"h acrylic on canvas
Earth and Sky 78″w x 56″h acrylic on canvas
Grizzly Bear and Moon
“Something in the Air” in The Russell 2015 Sold
Grizzly Bear and moon with radiant sky
Blue October 58″w x 48″h acrylic on canvas Sold