Earth and Sky

Earth and Sky 78"w x 56"h acrylic on canvas
Earth and Sky 78″w x 56″h acrylic on canvas

Fire rises in the earth,

attempting to incinerate water.

Steam marks the liquid escape,

a graceful dance with air.

Closeup of sky in front of bison
Strong value contrasts in this paint detail

Bison ignores bubbling mud-pots,

ignores the play of fire and water

in multi-colored earth.

Bison walks with purpose.

Closeup of sky with blues and oranges above the buffalo
Complementary colors add impact

Uncrowned monarch of Yellowstone,

this solitary bison disdains man,

with his fences, cars and cameras.

Bison knows the earth.

Closeup of paint color and texture
Color and texture in painting detail

A scorched landscape honors

the steady footfall of bison

integrating the four elements

in a giant’s unswerving path.