Lexi Sundell speaks of the power of creativity, sharing her own story openly and warmly. Her talk at the Whitefish TEDx in 2014 focused on the three components of the creative process, including the one most overlooked and misunderstood.

Lexi teaches acrylic painting and watercolor painting in workshops that vary from a few hours to a few days. Not interested in making clones of herself, she loves to bring out the unique gifts of each person she teaches.

Her workshop schedule varies but she has an online video class, Luminous Flowers in Acrylic, which is available at any time.

40 Paintings is a colorful journey through Lexi's paintings and poetry.
40 Paintings is a colorful journey through Lexi’s paintings and poetry. Many detail images are included to convey some of the luminous qualities in the multiple layers of paint she uses. This book is available at RiverStone Gallery.
American and British Copies of "Creating Exceptional Color in Acrylics"

Lexi’s book, Creating Exceptional Color in Acrylics, published in August of 2012 by Barron’s in the USA and Search Press in the UK and has also been translated into French, Italian, German and Dutch.

Painting Acrylic Flowers A-Z

Her book, Painting Acrylic Flowers A-Z was published by North Light Books in North America, Search Press in the UK and Simon & Schuster in Australia. It also was translated and published in French, Italian, German, Dutch, and Korean.

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