Welcome to the Artwork of Lexi Sundell

    Composite image of four paintings by Lexi Sundell, showing a moose, a magpie, a raven, and a buffalo.

    Lexi Sundell’s acrylic paintings are characterized by layers of richly textured color and luminous light, as you can see in these images. In her work, animals and birds serve as totems for the human spirit. Often the moon appears, a reminder that just as the moon only reflects light brought to it, paintings only show what the viewer brings to them.

    Her paintings have been shown in several museums and won international awards. You can explore her acrylic paintings in the categories of Animals, Birds, Florals, and Fly Fishing. More information about the artist can be found here.

    Artist Statement:

    Light stirs my senses, colors entice me, and as I immerse myself deeply in painting, I even dream at night that I become a whirling shifting kaleidoscope of colors. I believe we all have connection to deeper realms of spirit and understanding. Paint is my favorite doorway to express that connection in daily life.

    Yes, paint, that awkward, recalcitrant, but truly exhilarating medium, is indeed my favorite. I rarely paint in oils any more as I love the quick drying rhythms of acrylics.

    Paint pigments and light work at odds with each other. Light does one thing, and pigments behave quite another way. Some colors float out of reach in mind’s eye, no chemical pigment compositions available to capture them.

    Layers of textured gel medium alternated with paint carry light deep into the painting, refracting color, creating luminous mystery. Yes, sometimes the brush dances in the paint and brings the illusions of light to the canvas. This is my joy.

    Signature of the artist Lexi L. Sundell