Click on each painting for more information. Unless noted otherwise, all work has 1.5″ deep painted gallery wrap edges for a contemporary look. You may choose to frame them if you prefer.


closeup of sunflower

Sunflower 36″w x 24″h on canvas

The center of a morning glory with two dew drops

Morning Glory Dew Drops 20″w x 16″h acrylic on paper

A rose unfolding in pinks and lavendars with a hint of orange

Moments of Grace 60″w x 40″h acrylic on canvas Sold

Blue anemone surrounded by alyssum

Anemone Dreams 24″w x 18″h acrylic on canvas

Purple and white iris

Simple Joy 40″w x 44″h acrylic on canvas

Cabbage leaves glowing with backlighting, painted in acrylics

Cabbage Leaves 40″w x 30″h acrylic on canvas

The artist stands beside a large flower painting

The artist and her painting of a gardenia

The center of a flaming red and purple poppy

Center of the Sun 60″w x 46″h Sold

An orchid against a dark background

Orchid at Midnight 38″w x 31.5″h Sold

Two amaryllis blossoms

Twin Flames 58″w x 40″h acrylic on canvas Sold

The center of a golden sunflower

Sun Angel 30″w x 40″h Sold

Backlit amaryllis flowers

Awakening 54″w x 36″h Sold

Papery thin white poppy

White Gossamer 60″w x 48″h acrylic on canvas Sold